Josianne Thomas is learning how to live again after the murder of her two teenage children.

Devonte Brown, then 16, had been dating Josianne's daughter Joscelyn Jones, 16, for nearly two years when, in the early morning of Aug. 10, 2015, he entered the family's Toledo home, stabbing Josianne more than a dozen times as she lay in bed with her then-three-year-old twin daughters. The toddlers were unhurt, but Devonte stabbed Josianne's son Johnny Jones III, 14, to death and strangled, stabbed and sexually assaulted her daughter Joscelyn Jones, 16, resulting in her death weeks later.

Now, Josianne is struggling to reestablish her life with her husband Mike and surviving children Hailey and Tiffany, now 4. "I almost came to death. You know, they said I had 10 more minutes and I would have been dead," Josianne said about the police who found her bleeding out, covering her son's body. Josianne says she hopes she can one day work to save other victims of intimate partner violence, adding, "And I'm thinking, 'I got a second chance so I need to do something.'"